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Dynamic websites and online ordering

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The prospect of web ordering seems too good to be true - customers come to you, place their own orders, make their own payments, and you just deliver their order, or wait for them to pick it up.

However, the reality is almost all systems are complex, unusable and do not integrate with your store system.

FoodTec has developed a simple solution that publishes your menu to your website, or a portal, and allows you to take orders at any time of the day, for when you are open.

The orders come directly to your store, just like normal orders.

FoodTec's innovation is to allow you to service web customers and other customer types with the same people, less time, but the same good service they expect from your store. No extra systems, no extra wait, and no lost fax orders means no lost customers.

Increase your profits

With an interactive, professional looking website you give your customers choice and flexibility while you sit and watch your orders grow effortlessly. Simple and Easy!

Customers come to you, place their own orders, make their own payments, and you just deliver their order, or wait for them to pick it up.

  • Attract large online orders placed by companies, doctors, colleges, and secretaries
  • Fully integrated with your store computers: customers order and pay online-order goes straight to kitchen
  • Make it easy for customers to place larger orders without rushing them
  • No more lost orders from missed, calls, busy phone or lost faxes
  • Capture large peak-time lunch and dinner orders
  • No more walk-out customers due to long-lines or rushed service
  • Attract larger catering orders , even when every employee is busy
  • Improve average ticket
  • Up-sell and offer online only specials
  • Establish Internet presence that brings in money instantly
  • Give customers speed and convenience of self-service-without adding more employees
  • Customers can check order status online-no more busy ringing phones
  • Save customers preferences; encourage repeat purchases & customer loyalty
  • Improve marketing image, appear professional
  • Attract new online breed of customers before your competition gets them

Why should you have a website and online ordering service?

New revenue stream

Attract large online orders. Encourage companies or colleges to order online and increase your market share by attracting orders from the catering business.

More customer reach

Grab new customers with attractive online features and pictures. Increase your repeat customer base by giving them the opportunity to create their favorite order, save it and order it again in no time at all. Give the opportunity to any potential new customer to check you out and learn about your business without your immediate attention or the need to phone or visit your store.

Competitor edge

Online ordering means you continue to improve customer service by giving more choice which makes your business look more professional, trustworthy and most importantly competitive.


There are customers who know what they want, they want it fast and they want to order online rather than call. Others would like to take their time and check the menu choice on the website. Others would like to do things at their own timetable and order the day before or 7 days in advance. Having online ordering gives that kind of flexibility with no added cost or labor.

Professional image and brand

Offering online ordering means that you can create the same brand experience as if the customer walks in your store. You feature the same products but you have the opportunity to give more detailed descriptions, attach pictures or combine side orders. You could even have a pizza combination or a menu which is available only for online orders. Meanwhile, the customer can see everything that you offer.

Extra informational tool

A website provides the space to give information such as directions and hours of operation as well as feature special events in your store or your neighborhood. And if you are really into it, you could gather useful local information and display it. This is another way to attract potential customers and encourage them to add your website in their favorites because you do not just sell food but also offer useful information at the customer's fingertips.

Why should you choose FoodTec Solutions?

Fully integrated with store computers

No hassle, a website with online ordering system that works smoothly with your POS system. The orders come directly to your store, just like normal orders. Customers order and pay online.


No third party interference, no need to contact website designers or extra technical support.


Easy for customers to place orders without being rushed. Easy for the store owner or manager to operate and run reports and statistics.Save customers preferences; encourage repeat purchases & customer loyalty

Money and time saver no lost order, no queues, no complaints What every pizza owner dreams of: less busy ringing phones, less queues, no walk-outs, no lost or missed orders. Customers play their orders, pay online and can check order status online. And all these benefits provided by a complete POS system!

A whole new way to spice up your menu up selling, smart offers and special coupons

Endless possibilities to up-sell food types, add exclusive online offers, feature best-sellers and display your specials and coupons in a colorful and attractive way. You can add more detailed menu descriptions as well as tantalizing pictures to make your menu options even more mouth-watering. You can provide nutritional information on certain food items if you wish. Even better, you could offer the option to create a low fat pizza for the discerning customer. Just add in your online menu low fat mozzarella or low fat cheese. More choice and more flexibility encourages any potential customers to spend more time checking your online store and order exactly what they want while keeping the competition at bay.

Powerful marketing tool test your market and expand

Communicate with your customer intelligently. Experiment and test your market frequently to get a feel on what customers desire. Cleverly position your coupons and offers to respond to particular types of customers. Orders tend to differ between students, housewives, older citizens and professionals. Why not customize your offers too? Create that special relationship with your customers and they will willingly give you their details to email them with more offers because you have met their needs and wants. And with no real effort you expand your market further and you add value to your marketing campaigns in an efficient and cost effective way.

Advertising tool increase your revenue

Have you ever thought that you could advertise your neighbor's business? Create a page with local information and capitalize on it by adding advertising space or links for a certain fee. And if they generate more traffic you can increase your ad space and your ad revenue.

Win win situation - the perfect mix delivered by a complete POS system

  • Happy Customer - more choice, more flexibility, quick ordering
  • Happy pizza owner - more profit, less labor costs, less complaints

FoodTec Solutions helped us increase sales by 14% through more efficient delivery and better driver management

Dan Costello Director of Operations Home Run Inn - Chicago

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